Friday, 16 October 2009

How You Can Stop Biting Your Nails Tip Help

Biting nails is definitely one of the most common and irritating bad habits.
It can take a long long time to stop biting you nails but eventually, it will be worth it.
If you’re reading this, you must want to stop biting nails.

  1. Try out artificial False nails - this could protect your natural nails for some time until they grow.
  2. Try stress management techniques - like meditation and exercise.
  3. Use a Chinese stress ball or a Golf Ball, a few Poker Chips.
  4. Get anything that will keep your hands busy - try drawing or get some Buckyballs or even a  Nintendo DSI. Try Drumming with your nails on a good hard surface.The Satisfaction when you can finally do that is a great boost, if not a little annoying :)
  5. Wear gloves- stickers or plasters. Put Stick on Nail art on the most common Bitten nail.
  6. Get a manicure - get a nail manicure or regularly keep nails trimmed and properly filed and dont let them get sharp or rough. If you cant feel and rough edges and plucking the less chance to bite.
  7. Use a bitter tasting polish. It really can help stop biting my nails
  8. Buy yourself a good quality manicure set. there is nothing more pleasing than using good quality tools.
  9. And now its up to you! 

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